we didn’t tell you to vote

We did not tell our church members to vote. We did not preach that Trump was our savior. We did not preach that Biden was the option for humanity. We stayed away from the topic completely.

Here’s the thing. God called us to be different. We’ve spent the last 6 months (effective Thursday!) teaching about Jesus and His love, walking in obedience and what it means to accept the call of Christ.

Do I, as an American, feel like I understand which candidate is better for our country? Yes, yes I do. I’ve done lots of research and studying because I do want a better America. However, I am a Christian before I am anything and that includes American. So, I am to vote in the way that…that sentence isn’t even finish-able. There is no such thing as “God’s Party”. We are supposed to vote our convictions. There are things that matter to me and things that matter to you. Those are the things we vote on.

The problem is that we have a bunch of people saying “if you vote for party X, then you can’t be Christian”. Who gave you that authority? Who made you God? How dare you use that type of blasphemy.

We are called to love. LOVE. That’s it. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.

No candidate is perfect. Jesus isn’t on the ballot. And the last time He was, they chose the wrong person. What makes you think it would be different this time around?

I’ve spoken out, to much private backlash, about how I feel about the concepts of politics on my personal Facebook page. I’ve said that we need to be careful not to worship a politician. I’ve said that no matter what happens, it is good for the American church. And I’ve warned not to lose our witness over something that takes place every 4 years.

As Christians, we need to keep Jesus the center. We need to focus more on being present day, living examples of His faithfulness and promise than we do political warriors. The more the church gets into politics, the further we get from Jesus.

I have seen such a divide amongst people I respect and love because they are worshiping Trump or Biden and not Jesus. Church, we need to wake up. It is time to start acting and living in holiness. Walking in obedience. Loving our neighbors.

Yes, do your civil duty. Vote based on research. Vote your convictions. However, love Jesus more and show that love to the world. Don’t be part of the division. Be a chemical to the glue.

I love you and I’m praying for you.

-Pastor Mikeal

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