2021: the year of war

I know. The Year of War sounds like something that you would be turning into if you turn on an Alex Jones, Michael Malice, Vaush, or any other wild, political, (possibly religious) conspiracy theorist.  Trust me, I am aware how insane this sounds. It sounds almost as insane as: an end of times preacher, they … More 2021: the year of war

we didn’t tell you to vote

We did not tell our church members to vote. We did not preach that Trump was our savior. We did not preach that Biden was the option for humanity. We stayed away from the topic completely. Here’s the thing. God called us to be different. We’ve spent the last 6 months (effective Thursday!) teaching about … More we didn’t tell you to vote

When God Says “No”

Something like this isn’t exactly easy to write about.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve even written a long form blog in almost three years.  However, God placed something on my heart and I truly feel like it could help someone.  There’s a question that has been driving me absolutely insane from a … More When God Says “No”